Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Birthday

Saying this was my best birthday ever would be an overstatement. My last birthday was pretty gruesome, and this birthday had its ups and downs too. The morning news wasn't encouraging, but the books given to me by Great Grandma Taylor and Joanne Clark provided better reading material.  
After the morning news was breakfast. They keep trying to feed me the same stuff everyday. Sometimes if I concentrate real hard, I can imagine the Cheerios tasting like tiramisu.

 Next came our usual morning walk complete with airplane and trash truck spotting. I counted seven planes and four trash trucks, which is more than Mommy can say.
 After a nap and Mommy rearranging my toys (she thinks that I'll play with them more if she moves them around the house), I took my fuzzy blanket straight to bed for a nap, a short one mind you. I don't like to overdo my beauty sleep. It makes store clerks think I'm a girl.
Lunch, then off to Blue Hills Nursery to buy fresia's. They're not technically edible like violets and nasturtiums, but I tried them anyway. I don't recommend them.
At Ralphs I was weighed. They have to get your weight to decide how big of a balloon you can have. I get an 18.5 pound balloon. Funny, it didn't look that big and it wouldn't stay in the cart either.

No matter. No one else that I know has a balloon, so I pressed my advantage at the Taylor house, bragging to Mama Mina, Thorpe (my latest fan/servant) and Sparkle the cat, who I discovered has a phobia of balloons.

 After my outings, things took a turn for the worst. While minding my own business and testing the edibility of all things within my grasp, I ate a bee, and the little booger stung me on the lip. I've decided that bee's suck. My lip swelled up, and the nurse's hotline said to take me to the emergency room in case the swelling closes up my airway, but Mommy gave me a popsicle instead, which was way better.
All in all, it was an average birthday. I pottied twice in my potty chair and asked for a cracker by saying, "Crack!" This of course worried my folks quite a bit because I didn't specify what kind of crack I wanted. I like to keep them on their toes like that. Haha, they have no idea what I plan to do when I'm two.