Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

 That an escaped rabbit could bring such delight to children and mommy alike. 
Praise Him!
That children delight in mimicking my baking, stretching, and parenting. 
"Mommy, if you get tired while we're walking, you can hold my hand." 
Praise Him!
That broken branches of seeds and pods found in the streets 
can be the embellishments of my home. 
Praise Him!
That the hills rise up out of the city, 
and that trees fall dead on their dusty slopes. 
Praise Him!
That when I sit down to eat, I never have to apologize for the meager portions at any meal. Praise Him!
That barefoot boys raise ruckus. 
Praise Him!
That houses foster gatherings of home-baked pies and home-baked people.
Praise Him!
 That tenderness need not be taught among the tenderhearted. 
Praise Him!
That when I lay down to sleep every night, 
I have no terror of destruction or enemies or oppressive spirits or haunting memories. 
That the walls of my home and the walls of my heart 
are guarded by a great and powerful God 
who orchestrates and mends both in its proper time.
Praise Him!


Robin Cox said...

Precious thanks for many of God's blessings. Love your thoughts and pictures! :-)

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

So true!So glad you see God;s hands in even the little blessings.
Such lovely pictures, too! Could you send me the one with Rose & Emma, and Lee & Ollie?