Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Year's Disillusionments

I suppose this is like the opposite of New Year's resolutions, but it is what this busy mom needs right now.
  1. I shall fix a cold dinner once a week of things like cheese and crackers, peanut butter and apples, canned fish on toast, and carrot sticks.
  2. I shall prepare more hotdogs and mac and cheese and NOT get down on myself for leaving out a veggie.
  3. I shall let the dishes go unwashed after dinner once a week, and NOT feel guilty about the sight of them as I go to bed—unless Phil wants to do them, and then I shall not object for the sake of this goal.
  4. I shall allow myself two days to do all the laundry each week instead of trying to do it in one. And I shall not feel unorganized over the mess of it.
  5. I shall stop picking up the little pieces of paper, legos, teacups, dress-up clothes, balls, boxes, and tape until clean-up time when I shall have the children pick it all up.
  6. I will not stress out about keeping the plants alive, and I will blame no one when they die.
  7. I shall only check facebook once a day.
  8. I shall say "no" more often to people offering me free stuff. Just because it's free doesn't mean I have to take it.
  9. I shall get rid of an item every time I buy or acquire a new item.
  10. I shall celebrate both big and little things by eating sweets with the family: the start of spring, unexpected money coming in, MLK day, presidents day, lost teeth, open house, kids saying bible verses, Palm Sunday, Phil's company winning much sought after work, etc.
  11. I shall do something I want to every day.
  12. I shall have someone clean for me and have Wal-mart deliver my groceries, and I will NOT feel guilty about it.
  13. I shall not try to multitask while leaving tortillas on the burner to toast. I shall remain standing there until they are done. 
  14. I shall stop trying to get presents for everyone at Christmas.
  15. I shall not deliberate for more than a minute about buying items that cost less than $5. I shall just decide and be done with it. And not feel guilty later if it was a silly purchase.
  16. I shall watch more shows with my husband and kids.
  17. I shall speak or write about the good in my life.
  18. I shall make dates with Phil an item on my weekly check-list.
  19. I shall have a check-in time with Phil each day when the kids come home from school. I will sit down, send the children out, and get caught up with Phil. This may mean stopping my dinner preparations or having a cold dinner and that is fine.
  20. I shall stop in the midst of tense, hurtful, or frightening situations and pray.
  21. I shall not consider myself pathetic if I don't keep any of these goals.

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