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The Right Kind of Fear

Fear the fire; God made it to burn.

 Fear the wind; God made it to lash.

 Fear the quake; God made it to crash.

 But this fear won't empower you

 For God is not them.

Fear the storms; they know not their masters.

 Fear disease; it ravages indiscriminately.

 Fear wars; they are inevitable.

 But this fear won't protect you

 From these instruments in his hands.

Fear other's intentions; they might misuse you.

Fear other's grasping; they may rob you.

Fear other's passions; they may unravel you.

But this fear won't produce a strategy

To keep what's your.

Fear sin's enticement; it seizes every chance.

Fear the evil one; he hungers for you.

Fear displeasing God; he demands much.

But this fear won't save you

Because it never stops striving.

Fear the Lord; his holiness is dangerous.

Fear the Creator; he gave you your life.

Fear the Master; he has authority here.

Fear the Author; he can rewrite you.

But unless this fear compels you to yield,

You shall never stop fearing.

*I use fear in the following ways in the following order: respect/mind, dread, suspect, be anxious about, and revere. The last "fearing" encompasses all the others except to revere God.


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