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Do You Know The Author?

I think I might be writing about this pre-maturely. If this doesn’t work out, I’ve got to blame myself. If it does, God has demonstrated his faithfulness.

A little over a month ago I wrote the following conversation in my story between two characters: King Austin and Master Downing. Downing has just returned from a potentially life threatening adventure, which has led to the very best of situations.

“How did you know?” Austin started.

“Know what?”

“Know that any of this was going to happen: that you’d make it back safely, that Noom would choose to fight for us? How’d you know?”

Downing shook his head. “I didn’t.”

“You didn’t?” Austin stopped pacing. “You mean you just gave yourself up to the thieves without knowing if they’d kill you or not?”


This was too much for Austin. It didn’t make any sense. Was Downing just that reckless? “But you could’ve died!”


Austin threw his hands up. “Master Downing, you don’t make any sense! I saw you giving yourself up to those thieves like you weren’t afraid of what might happen.”

“I’m not.”

“Why? How can you be like this?”

“Austin, after so many years I’ve come to know the author’s tone, and it is a good story. I am not afraid.” He spoke evenly and firmly.

A day shy of a month ago our front house tenant gave us her 30-day notice. Oh God, I thought. Here we go again. Every day the house isn’t rented, we have to pull money out of our savings: money that we’re trying to set aside for property taxes and fixing our rickety foundation.

Nine months ago we had to go through the same situation. That was painful. Both our front house and our back apartment were vacant. I watched our savings draining rapidly for two months before we found tenants. I wasn’t very trusting or pleased with God through those two months, but he stayed with us. Our tax return replenished what we’d lost and twice as much.

So here I was again. Similar scenario. Same characters. Same God. Was it providential that my God had made me write that scene in my story only days before the 30-day notice? Was it God reminding me of what I’ve learned before letting me try again?

I tend to get angry with God in these kinds of circumstances. I wonder why God doesn’t act now! Why doesn’t he calm my nerves? Why can’t I be nonchalant? Why can’t I just let it go and trust?
This time it was different. When the 30-day e-mail popped up, I paused. Oh God. Here we go again. You’ve shown me what you can do. I know you are trustworthy and you make all things good. May I not be afraid.

28 days went by without our receiving a single application. People called. People took applications home, but no one filled them out and said, “Yes, I want it.” Our old renters moved out four days early so the house is empty.

Yesterday, on day 28 I got our first bite: a family on their way to California needed a place ASAP. They were actually calling me from the road. The place they’d planned on living was raising the rents and they liked the look of our house on Craig’s list. Within 10 hours they were in California, Phil showed them the house while I was at choir practice, and they filled out an application.

Today we signed papers. They’re moving in as I write this. I have the first check in my hand. Today is day 29. Tomorrow, day 30, would’ve been the day that we started to lose money.

Need I say more? I know the author and it is a beautiful story.


Grandma Seelye said…
Wow! Yes,every good gift is from the Father.We praise His name with you. Love you.
Lois Thorpe said…
Oh, Abby, well said. You've brought me to tears.

Nice to see you today. I rejoice with you.

We are rejoicing with you both!
MommaMina said…
The foundation of God's faithfulness in our early married years has given daddy and I rich soil to root into. What a joy to see God's creative way of doing it with you two.
Jonalyn Fincher said…
First things first: I LOVE the photo on the top of your blog. So sweet to see you both looking wryly about and reading.

Second, your trust in the author helps me trust, too.

Thank you for writing... keep it up!

I often think of the verse Robin (Aunt Robin to you, you lucky one!) sent to me that I think I shared with you on a skype or phone convo "How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.." Ps 36:7.

His wings are generous shelter! Wouldn't that be a cool painting?

I hope you've had a good week of fixing up the little things and keeping the funds relatively intact.

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