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Surprised by Gratitude

1. Children calmly deposited with Mama Mina
2. Parched brush on the brown hills that smell of sage and Coyote Bush
3. Driving through ponds of morning fog still clinging to the coastline
4. White cliffs separating our CRV from the sea
5. Santa Barbara's Spanish architecture
6. Bree cheese melting in my sandwich at a hippy-cupcake cafe
7. Sweet texts of busy children faring well miles behind us 

8. Meandering down isles of nursery plants while Phil speaks Latin
9. Our $12 check-in fee at Cambria Pines Lodge thanks to a gift certificate from the Stevens
10. Chasing retreating waves and kicking up yellow sea foam
11. Abrading our feet on the pocked sandstone cliffs that we climbed

 12. Dolphin sightings amidst pelican and seagull's mad diving
13. Dashing through calf-deep water to scramble up a rock outcropping surrounded by ebbing waters
14. Feeling the mist on my face from the crashing waves that slam against my mounted rock
15. Footprints of children in the sand and the warm thought of my own
16. Climbing a white piece of driftwood sunk into the sand
17. The mist-blown spouts of humpback whales whose glossy backs flash in the evening sunlight as we dine and watch
18. Berry and white chocolate cheesecake and a decaf coffee while watching the orange sun set
19. The sea at dusk, the color of the inside of an oyster shell
20. The silhouettes of the Spanish Moss dripping off the pine trees
21. Spa in the moonlight
22. Three invigorating dips in the pool to cool down from the spa
23. The sounds of coyotes, owls, and mice outside our window
24.  A Duraflame log lit in our lodge room
25. Sweet stillness in the evening after a day of play


Gretchen said…
So so wonderful. Soak it all in friend! =)
Unknown said…
You just brought me along on your lovely vacation. So glad you're experiencing all these things. Enjoy!
Grandma Seelye said…
Counting your blessings!! Thanks for sharing!

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