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The Song of Abraham

The peoples were scattered.
Their gods were many
With whims and needs to countervail.
And mankind placating
While making and begetting
To the hum of old grandfather’s tales.

“Remember two trees, 
A flood and a tower,
And a lost angry god long ago.
Remember our mother 
Banished from sanctum
For taking what all want to know."

"Remember the pelts, 
Sewn to hide shame.
Then shameless murder from spite,
Boasts of worse butchery
Declared war law
And shameless might would make right."

"Then waters rose up
Teaching fear to the clans
Dread the God and dread the gods
Who ask for blood
And ask for grain
Fear calamity they bring with the rod.

Thus lived Abram and Sari until . . .

“Abram, it is I, the god.
Leave family.
Come follow me,
And I will show you a land
Which you'll possess
And you, I'll bless.”

But when rain failed to fall
And food was scant
To Egypt they went.
That ruse turned pharaoh sour.
Lot went that way
Abram went this way.

“Abram, it is I, your god.
Here it is. 
I give you this, 
Walk its breadth and its width
Be many.
And bless every.”

Though obligation summoned him 
To rescue Lot 
Who was caught,
And kings' awarded riches as reward,
They held no sway
Over him that day.

“Abram, it is I, God.
Your protection 
And portion.
One day I will plant your children 
Here in this land
As many as the sand. 

“This is my promise. This is my oath.
In four hundred
Years ahead.
First slavery and sin must mature,
Then a blessed nation 
through you, be sure.”

Now for problem solving
To make an heir for old ones
A substitute womb 
A baby a coming
stirs up the family peace.
But their God is a God who sees all.
Ishmeal will testify to God’s hearing
The cries of his mother in flight.

“Abraham, it is I, God Almighty.
Not in Ishmael is the promise
Though you love him.
Be faithful and blameless and circumcise
And soon from Sarah’s womb will come
The child to make you a great nation.”

Three visitors as guests to call 
Attention to Sarah’s unavailability
Confined to the tent for a chance bleeding
Laughter in doubt of fertility.

Thereafter, an encore of deception
For fear that his God is not theirs
Husband-brother, wife-sister
Brought to light through pagan’s dreams
Which prove gods are not equal to God.

On with the story
With Isaac a footnote
And Ishmael and Hagar exiled
But not beyond God’s eyes
Which watched the boy survive
And saw Abraham’s well being dug.

“Abraham, it is I, God above all.
Show me that you love me
Not my promises,
And I will show you I am God
Of great and small.
I command the nations 
And the cosmos
And I provide the lamb for today.”

That God of old was unfurling
The banner over Abraham for all
One day to see
How that God was pleased
To love and draw love
From you and me.


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