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Eternal Discovery

Scorn not eternity as a monotonous strumming of harps
Or an austere chorus endlessly bending the knee.
Cast it not aside as dull, unlike the riotous and rowdy hell,
Where the mischievous dance like an endless Halloween night.

For hell must forever be shrinking into a repetition of uniform insanity, 
While Wisdom’s haven swells with the god-men’s inventions and strength.
And if that inspires you not, muse with me then the possibilities
When Wisdom indwells man and our dreams are birthed in eternity.

Consider the untapped power then coursing through our veins, 
When God remakes us to rule without blindness or misdeed.
Then amidst a thousand dangers that hitherto we’d only feared,
We pursue without exhaustion all knowledge, strength, and design.

Might we harvest lightning, contrive alloys, and wrinkle time
To delve into seas and galaxies much deeper than sci-fi films?
Might we learn the languages that birds and reptiles and mammals speak,
And astride our own pterodactyls, teach them to dodge ocean cyclones?

Might we too study genetics, the formation of all creatures,
And bring the ancients' beasts to life: the pegasus, dragon, and griffin?
Might we lay out architectural foundations along rifts of tectonic plates
And delight in collapsing towers: a test of titanium and diamond?

Might we, the lovers of stratagem, create thousand-hour diversions
For those who revel in riddles and puzzles and mazes and clues?
Might we learn lava’s pulsations, the throb of underground rivers,
And hold back volcanic cinders to move islands and spare sea creatures?

And might I meet with my fellow muses in a marble amphitheater,
Gathering accounts from all peoples to weave a new narrative.
There we shall choose our words from all the tongues of the world
For we have time to flesh out the stories the imagination longs to tell.

All dreams stopped short by adulthood, closed doors long barred or burned
Now take flight and reopen, when to us that kingdom is given.
How my soul longs for that place where Wisdom is in us and with us.
And we the rulers bend the knee, delighting in the discovery of eternity.
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined,
what God has prepared
for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9


Ruth T said…
This is so beautiful, profound and uplifitng. Thank you for sharing.

Ruth Tun Thein
Unknown said…
Wow, this opens my mind. I love it!
Grandma Seelye said…
I read this to grandpa and he said " yes this life is just a preamble to the main event".Your writing is beautiful Abby.
Unknown said…
Eschatology just like I like it! Riding dinosaurs and talking to animals — beautiful stuff, Abby. -Eric Oldenburg

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