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Character Study: Rose

Artwork: Lauren Eckhart
Her Style

"Oh my Losh."
"Lee, you are not supposed to do that!"
"Oh, my sweet Mommy! Are you so proud of me?"

Everyday Shoe:
"I like no shoes the best but when I have to be fancy then I put on my black Mary Jane's (1) or my black boots from my neighbor, Nini.

Daily Uniform:
"Summer dresses are best because Mommy lets me play in the backyard with them, but actually I like my fancy Sunday dresses the most. And I really really really like my new wedding dress from Grandma Stevens, (2). Lee and I are going to get married because he's so nice to me."

Color Palette:
"I like Pink and Purple and Grey, and I like yellow."

Scent-elicious Smells:
"Cupcakes, roses, and my feet."

Beauty Go-To's:
"Mommy's necklaces" made out of faceted glass beads by Georgianne at Parkville Insurance (3).

To Unwind:
"I organize the play kitchen. I put the dishes on the top and the cups on the bottom and all the food in the sink. Sometimes I talk to my evil step-mother or to Count Olaf, or I have to spank my babies because they are naughty."

Skin-Care M.O.:
"Lee and I do mud a lot, (4). But I like to put lotion on my toes and princess chapstick on my neck. And sometimes Grandma Stevens paints my nails. I like pink."

Her Space

Design Vibe:
Pink lights and the Star Projector Lamp from Uncle Jacob (5).

Prized Possession:
Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Hunny Bunny also known as "Purple Baby". "I like to bite her right hand," (6).

She Collects . . .
Hand-me-down dresses, shoes, and necklaces that she keeps hidden in various places about the house.

Tunes on Repeat:
"Charlie over the Water" finger play song and "Freeze Dance" on Youtube.

Power Breakfast:
Cereal and "Eat-mo-mole" (7).

On the Go Snack: 
Rice Crackers or sour grass also known as Oxalis. "I like to lick the jam off the bread and I like seaweed and 'nola bars."

On Her Bed:
Soft purple unicorn and a few babies, some books and jewelry, sippy cup, chapstick, a lego man, some plastic play food, and a red flashlight.

Evening Drink:
Camomile Tea or candy cane tea.


This is darling! She is darling! So fun to have this cute "summary" for her 4th birthday. :)

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