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Character Study: Ashley Emerson


Mantra: “I make music, fiction, and lots of mistakes.”


Trusted Carryall: A drawstring bag where she keeps all her essentials so switching purses is easy (1)  


Purse of Choice: Brown Tote by Constanza Rota (2)

Signature Scent: Replica, Jazz Club by Maison Margiela. (Shhh . . . it's actually a male scent.)

Everyday Shoe: Mark Fisher Limited brown suede boots (3) 

Every Home Should Have: "A teapot, any teapot will do."

Oldest Possession: Play jewelry and scans of fashion drawings from her great aunt

Collectibles: When she was young, she used to collect sand dollars and junior ranger stamps on camping trips.


Favorite App: Audible (4): a free audiobook app. She pays a monthly subscription to get books as well as audiobooks.

Favorite Flower: "Gluten free . . . just kidding . . . succulents."

Repeated Read: Journey of Souls (5) by C.D. Baker, a historical-fiction novel about three siblings from Germany in the 13th century

Place to Shop: T. J. Max. She loves the quality and variety as their merchandise changes all the time.

Favorite Color Combo: Earth tones and dark gray

Pet: If she had a pet, it would be a small black poodle named Sherlock. (6)


On her playlist: Back in Black by AC/DC, La Grange by ZZ top, Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, My Boy by Billie Eilish

Where She'd Love to go Next: L’Abri in Switzerland: a Christian philosophy camp where you make all your own food and at night you discuss matters of the soul (7)

Cooking: Zucchini muffins

Breakfast: Eating breakfast takes too much time. Just a coffee with cream and sugar followed by an early lunch.

Show: If she had time to watch something right now, she'd watch the Netflix show The 100 about teens sent from space to a post-apocalyptic earth. (8)


On Her nightstand: The side of her desk serves as a nightstand. On it sits lip balm, a coaster, a Sandalwood candle, and a dead plant.

Her Confidant: Her mom

To Unwind: She drinks mint tea, sits in front of the fire, and thinks.

Her Secret Weapon: Research, she could do it for days.

Life Hack: She doesn’t use a wallet, just a big binder clip to keep her cards together (9)


Unknown said…
Ahahahaa the dead plant on my nightstand! I replaced it. :D
Lois Thorpe said…
You should totally go to L'Abri!!!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
A great read! I love your purse idea, with the drawstring bag. L'Abri would be great! I love Edith Schaeffer's books and enjoyed reading about L'Abri got started.

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