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Comstock Chronicles: Stitches

I have leveled up past Novice of Newborns, Apprentice of Diaper Blow-Outs, Pupil of Played-With Poop, Sensei of Spit-up, Whiz of Cloth Diapers, Sorcerer of Snot, Adept of Temper Tantrums, and Master of Barf.

I have now completed level 8: Ace of Stitches. Lee unlocked this achievement for me.

It really wasn't very difficult, nor that exciting. In the middle of some complaining related to homework, the man-child tipped over his chair and knocked his head on the tile floor. He gave himself a nice egg with a deep slice to go with it.

I'd like to think the injury taught him a lesson about messing around while doing homework, but his injury produced two lollipops, some Thomas the Tank Engine, a lego set, and donuts. Dang! Those friendly relatives emptied their treasure chests for him.

The doctors were kind and efficient at Urgent Care, and I learned a few things about such injuries. One: I don't have to rush off to Urgent Care right away. Two: Charge my phone's battery before going. Three: bring snacks. Four: I can dump hydrogen peroxide on wounds to clean them.

Still in the midst of level 9: Expert of Attitude. This one seems to be a tricky one. Can't figure out how to get through the canyon with the big trolls and falling boulders.

Lee gets stitched with the eyelet sheet over his face

Stitches are in!
Lee's next day of school
Lee does new lego set, gift of Uncle Jacob


Robin said…
Oh my. Well, you're an expert now! Sorry these relatives were at the beach that day, or we could have held Benny for you! Love your post! :-)
Thanks, Robin! Karen Morsey came over and helped us. So it all worked out.
ybugs said…
He looks way too calm to be on a gurney being stitched. I’m going to guess that the photo shoot was expertly timed after they injected his face with lidocaine to numb the wound where they stitched. I applaud Lee for his calm demeanor and his mother for the blog post.
Haha! Yes. I had to hold him down for the injection bit.

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