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Proverbs 8 (Abby Version)

Wisdom's App

1  Are not wisdom's notifications turned on?
       Does not understanding's app show a flag?
2  From the cell towers on every hill,
       at every intersection she signals;
3  beside the entrance of every store,
       at the opening of every door, she dings:

4   "To you, O men, I call
        And my alerts are for every generation.
5   O psychosomatic ones, learn sense;
        O information-drunkards, learn discernment.
6   Hear, for only I map out noble ways,
        and from our communication will come your route,
7   for my programing is done from Heaven;
        misinformation is impossible.

8   "All the advice from my mouth is apropos;
        there is nothing irrelevant or generic about it.
9   This guidance comes straight to those who know they don't know,
        and right to those whose ears are tuned in.
10  Take my instruction instead of researching more,
        And my knowledge rather than redoubling your own efforts.
11  For wisdom is better than a self-made man,
        And living a cushy life cannot compare with her.

12  "I, Wisdom, am life's Harmonizer,
         and I combine street smarts with graceful actions.
13  Deference to God's authority means having no taste for evil.
         Setting yourself up as an authority
         and veiled speech make me gag.
14  I know what God means and have his power;
          I have cracked the code; I have youth's pluck.
15  By me, good CEO's oversee,
          and legislature decrees what is right
16  by me presidents direct
          and bosses too, anyone justly in charge.

17  "I dance with those who dance with me,
          and lifelong learners find me.
18  Good character and a life well lived are my gifts,
          a pleasant character and nothing wasted.
19  My tutelage is better than a Master's degree, even a PhD,
          and my yield is more than an endless database.
20  I teach where to start and what to do next
          every day, every hour, every minute,
21  weaving into my legacy those with open hearts,
          and filling their hours with treasures.

22  "The sovereign programmer wrote me before anything else,
         I was the first of his creations.
23  Ages ago he coded me,
         even before people were around to use me.
24  When there was no cyberspace I was operating,
         when there were no libraries.
25  Before the world's religions had evolved,
        before psychology was founded, I already knew,
26  before he landscaped humanity
         or characterized the elements.

27  "When he designed outer space, I was there;
         when he drew circles for orbits and currents,
28  when he made the air breathable,
         when he mapped out earth's innards with fire and water,
29  when he assigned to science its limits
         so that matter might not transgress his commands
         when he split apart Pangeae,
30  then I was beside him, like a master craftsman,
         and I was daily his hobby,
         always fitting together each new insight,
31  attentively experiencing his inhabited world
         and delighting in the way of living well.

32  "And now, O children, listen to me:
         blessed are those who befriend me.
33  Hear the notifications and tune in to the Spirit,
        And do not neglect her.
34  Blessed is the one who gives pause for me,
         watching daily for my signs,
         waiting in the midst of activity.
35  For he who pieces together obedience, pieces together life itself
         and obtains wholeness from the Lord,
36  but he who never waits for my messages, shoots himself in the foot;
         all who do it on their own sign up for an inner death."

Many of the concepts in this were inspired from Eugene Peterson's As Kingfisher's Catch Fire.


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