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Harvesting the Ocean

O, weak and worrisome heart of mine,

Who guards today's joys as if tomorrow had none,

Who mourns the passing of each good

Because it is not eternal.

O foolish grasping heart of mine,

Building a wall against the waves

To capture the retreating water,

Have you forgotten the ocean's expanse

Or the constancy of the tide's ebb and flow?

Dear heart so starved for God's goodness,

The waters will come quench again.

As surely as God's breath formed this earth

He will wreck your walls with his blessings.

Therefore, let today's joys go un-encircled

So your hands are free for tomorrow.

Let the children grow into adulthood.

Say goodbye to those who must go.

Abandon your ideals proven hollow.

And stop longing for what cannot be.

Then enter tomorrow's glory unhindered

Fearing not its scarcity or unknown quality,

For there is manna waiting in the wilderness

When you enjoy today's food today.


Laura Provencio said…
😭How beautiful! How timely! Thank you for sharing!!
Lorraine Chng said…
I needed to hear this! Thank you for preaching God’s truth to me:)
Uncle David said…
I remember when my idealism had to die a painful but needed death. But this death led to something better....reality, life as it really is for now without King Jesus on His earthly throne.
I remember when I had to get a job outside full time "ministry" so our family could have daily necessities the "ministry" job couldn't provide.
My life took on a more normal schedule with boundaries the "ministry" didn't allow at least for my way of doing "ministry".
I well remember when I job the jolting, excruciating news that a dear christian brother who had helped me begin a walk with Jesus and whom I so looked up to went through a divorce. I literally collapsed to the ground pieced with a pain I had never known.
But all of this led to life as it is......for now with God available to me 24/7 via the indwelling Holy Spirit who is better than physical Jesus.
So dear friend God is near you and even better in you, never leaving you or forsaking you for all that lies ahead.
He will satisfy you with good things and wonderful people and yes..........losses and disappointments that are only for a time.
Thanks or laying your heart out which makes others think and feel as we should.

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