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Life's Not Like That

Since my return from Cairo, I've begun to see things a little differently. Life's not as black and white as I thought. Yes, the character of God is absolutely good, but how that reflects onto our idea of what right and wrong is, is not as simple as a couple of do's and don'ts. In Cairo I met several ladies from Eritrea who had fled their country to avoid the draft. In Eritrea, the government takes both men and women at the age of 17 and puts them in the army for 7 years. During that time the officers often ask for sexual favors from the women. If the women refuse their officers put them into the most dangerous areas of warfare. The ladies that I spoke to in Cairo had hid and lied to their government in order to get out of their country. They have come to the conclusion that the government's laws may be broken. Now that these ladies live peacefully in Cairo they are looking for unlawful ways of escaping Cairo and going to England or the states. Can I tell these l

The Way He Stands

I was eating lentils at my grandparents house the other day. My grandma was searching through her health books for a new cure for her bronchitis and my grandpa was sorting vitamins into his weekly vitamin box. At a pause in my grandma's searching she turned to my grandpa and asked him something in Spanish. My grandpa, setting down his pills, rested one hand on the kitchen counter, the other he put in the pocket of his army-green cargo pants. He crossed one leg and answered my grandma in a matter-of-fact tone. I don't know what they said, but I'm certain that my grandpa was knowledgeable about whatever question he was answering. I could tell by the way he stood. Normally he wobbles around the house, stooped, eyes on the next place his foot will land. The kitchen is my grandma's domain, and he is the humble servant. But everything changed at that moment. I saw the traces of a once strong, certain, and capable man. He is that same man still.

Why Aren't the Girls Picked

I've noticed many single Christian girls ask themselves, "Why aren't I picked?" "Why don't I have a boyfriend?" "Is there something wrong with me?" "Am I not dating material?" So I've thought about their questions and come up with some possible answers. I went to Russia last summer on a missions trip and noticed something peculiar. At every city and house church there were far more women than there were men. Everyone who attends Biola knows the guys to girl ratio is definitely to the guys' advantage. Can this be true everywhere? Are there just more Christian girls than there are guys? I think its safe to say there are more women in the physical church than there are men, unless you attend a trucker and construction worker church. With these assumptions, a Christian woman's prospects within the church are limited. So the fact that she is not dating may have nothing to do with her likability, but the mere numbers. There