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Hints Thus Far

The following are several things that I've started doing that have helped keep my life simple and sweet. Hint 1: Keep green onions in a jar of water by the window rather than in a plastic bag at the bottom of your refrigerator. They will last weeks this way. Change water every several days. Hint 2: If you have citrus trees, make lime and lemon cubes when the fruit drops from the trees faster than you can eat them. Hint 3: Never chop up just one onion. Chop up several and keep them in the freezer. Be sure to label the onion sizes on the outside of the ziplock bags. Hint 4: Schedule your dinners for a month. Make a list of all the ingredients you need, and make one major shopping trip each month. Meals are flexible; move them as your plans change. Hint 5: Decorations need not cost a cent. Collect seed pods, rocks, colorful leaves, berries, and branches to arrange and liven up your home. Hint 6: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Hint 7: If you aren