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Two Worlds

On clear mornings I watch the sunrise over Mt. Wilson on my way to work. Sometimes the sight is a moment of glorious beauty, a last breath before I enter my classroom where Jesse Fuller draws stars on his warm-ups all period long, Paul Reese must ask me to repeat every set of instructions I give, Leo Doehring never has a pencil, and Jonathan Parenty thinks the squeak in his chair is a musical instrument. I love my students dearly. I love them even though they "drive me batty" as Becca Schoff says. "No, you can't have a piece of candy for putting your name on your paper." "Stop tapping your pencils." "Look up here." "I need your attention." "Stop talking." "Why are you over there? Your seat is over here." "Give Alex his book back." "Turn around." "This IS a test!" Except for the occasional Harley on Beverly, home is a stark contrast to my work in the classroom. On