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Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

This is a not a list for the individual who is short on time. This is the list for the person who enjoys working with his or her hands, who doesn't mind waiting for dough to rise, who plans meals ahead of time, and who isn't afraid of looking slightly unusual. If convenience is what you want, you must pay extra for it. If experimenting in cooking is what you hate, stop reading. The fact of the matter is this: making things from scratch saves a whole lot of money. 1) Only buy meat on sale. 2) If you must buy meat, make it last the week. Use it more like a garnish than a main dish. 3) Buy chicken with the bone and skin on. It's much cheaper than boneless skinless. 4) Buy bars of soap instead of liquid soap. 5) Don't buy Kleenex. Use soft toilet paper instead. 6) Never buy pre-grated cheese. Instead buy a brick and grate it yourself. 7) Never buy pre-grated cabbage, lettuce, or carrots. Buy a head and grate it yourself. 8) Buy cucumbers in season and make your own