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Feeding Rose

                 9:50 — I take off my shoes and sit cross-legged on the couch with the Boppy pillow across my lap. Rose latches on. The feeding  commences.  While I nurse, Lee pushes the ottoman around the living room. He knocks it onto its side and scrapes it across the wood floor of the dining room. When he arrives at the couch, he climbs up and discovers a pile of junk mail there. He inspects it, then throws it off along with the pillows and afghan. I tell him he needs to pick up the junk mail and throw it away. He climbs down, collects the mail, looks through it,  and scatters it again.  Lee runs to the kitchen. I hear him rummaging through the snack drawer. I resolve to put a safety gate across the kitchen entrance. I tell him that he needs to shut the cabinet door. I use a firm voice. He runs back to the living room and throws the junk mail in the trash. Then back to the kitchen where he retrieves a hot mitt. He returns to the living room to show me how he can pick