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Go At Your Own Pace, Benny

Go at your own pace, Benny, On this hike to Millard Falls. Your siblings travel much faster, Benny Then you're able to when  small. Go at your own pace, Benny. And watch where your foot will fall. This trail's challenge enough for you, Benny, So give to your steps your all. Go at your own pace, Benny. And cease "Lee and Rose!" to call. They're caught up in the thrill, Benny. And it's good for them not to stall. Although you long to be with them, Benny, As they run to see what's next, You'll always find someone with you, Benny, When you go at your own pace. Lee's Poem Rose's Poem

Hopelessly Hopeful At Our Rope

Imagine life is like a giant river and we're all trying to get across. We each have our own raft, and we're crossing at different places and at different times. We don't have paddles or oars, just a rope that we know stretches from our side to the other. That's our only way across. We can see where the ropes come out at the other side, but we can't tell which rope is ours because they're all submerged beneath the water.  Imagine also that we see various checkpoints along the way. There's the Island of Nautical Education and a houseboat selling raft upgrades. There are flat rocks protruding from the water where we see yummy snacks or umbrellas or sun hats. There are also sharp dangerous rocks that we know have punctured holes in people's rafts. We have read accounts of various people who have crossed the river before us. We've learned that some intercept very few of those delightful stops along the way; some pass through rough waters, some smooth; som


Meals are sacrifices  Of dollars  Or time over a cutting board and stove. They are sacrifices  Made by someone to another Like a gift Or compliment Or friendly embrace. What I have I share with you To sustain you for awhile. And those who eat Accept. Meals are pieces of goodness Built-in to our existence. They are occasions to sacrifice Or accept sacrifice, To acknowledge we've enough And remember we need too. They are like trusting  Jesus' brokenness on the cross So our hearts also might be Broken for others. We accept  To give. Always one before the other. Never one without the other. Receive to give. Receive to give. Nothing stagnant Always passed along Like a faith that works Or the body burning calories Always in need Always able to give In need of more Christ Thus able to give more than we have.

To All The Broken People

Have you been disappointed in yourself? Have you failed to do what you thought you ought? Have you said the wrong thing yet again? Have you been unable to achieve all your goals? Have you ruined your chances at that life you wanted? Have you disqualified yourself at being a good person? Be at peace.  God has use for you. Where before you were too satisfied with yourself to find satisfaction in him. Where before you were too hopeful in your own abilities to hope in his. Where before you were enough unto yourself and thus needed nothing more.  Now you are empty and have space. Now you are hopeless and searching. Now you have been weighed and found wanting Wanting him. O broken people,  There is someone who wants you. Who has a use for you,  A position, even a place of honor. He desires to give you a new name.  Son Daughter Friend You will no longer drown in failures, But rejoice that those tears have sent you  To Him. "'Keep your eyes on Jesus,' and you'll find that the

Harvesting the Ocean

O, weak and worrisome heart of mine, Who guards today's joys as if tomorrow had none, Who mourns the passing of each good Because it is not eternal. O foolish grasping heart of mine, Building a wall against the waves To capture the retreating water, Have you forgotten the ocean's expanse Or the constancy of the tide's ebb and flow? Dear heart so starved for God's goodness, The waters will come quench again. As surely as God's breath formed this earth He will wreck your walls with his blessings. Therefore, let today's joys go un-encircled So your hands are free for tomorrow. Let the children grow into adulthood. Say goodbye to those who must go. Abandon your ideals proven hollow. And stop longing for what cannot be. Then enter tomorrow's glory unhindered Fearing not its scarcity or unknown quality, For there is manna waiting in the wilderness When you enjoy today's food today.

Eyes Up. Head Down.

Nose to the grindstone. Eyes on the task at hand. Administer consequences. Hold. Comfort. Listen. Teach. What if I was too harsh? What if I was too lenient? What if I ruined them? What if I repeat history? Eyes up. Up ahead. See the net of God's grace All around you, inside and out. The net to catch me, The net to catch them, Made by faith  Not my efforts But what Christ has done. Back to the grind. Stay afloat. Achieve success. Schedule. Budget. Economize. Write lists. Clean. Return calls. Catch my breath with other moms  And suddenly see a difference. One mom prays over her four each night. Another is outrageously spontaneous. That one's house is disgustingly tidy. And that one has published a book. I'm quite sure I'm not enough Not nearly as glorious or good. Head down. Eyes on my own hands. What is it to me If they march to a different beat? I must follow Christ. Nose to the grindstone To God's task for me here, And praise him who doesn't repeat. Back to jug