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Autumn and Pre-School

Pools of bright yellow sit in the gutters along the side of College Avenue this time of year. The Chinese Flame Tree is in bloom. They begin after the most intense heat has passed, after the saturated humidity of July and August. Also around this time, when the weather first dips down below 65 at night, the Saucer Magnolia gets very confused about the seasons and pushes out a few mystified blooms that I can just imagine looking at one another and saying, "Dear me! It isn't spring! Harold, you got it all wrong!" Don't ask me who Harold is. We have begun a new pre-school with new teachers and a new routine. And after the awkward bustle of learning how to pack lunches and juggle pick-up times, nursing the first season's sicknesses and getting caught up with dental work, I've discovered I have a few delightful pieces of time to myself. The children experienced a week of protestations where they told me they weren't going to school. They were nervous and ha