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Rose Mary

Hello, little rosebud, tiny soft sleeping flower, whose coming wasn't soft or sweet or quiet as you are now. Those little wrinkled hands lay still. Those peeling white feet must rest, from all the banging, all the combing, all the prodding, searching, and fighting you did while getting out. And I too must rest, must leave the world to whir without me for I have been your cocoon. And you have shed me to bloom. Little Rose Mary Stevens made her way into the world January 15th at 10:50pm, weighing 7lbs 9 oz and stretching 20 inches long. Powerful contractions began at 9:30 pm that night when, thank God, Phil was nearby to call Mama Mina and prepare for our hasty departure to the hospital. We threw last minute items into our bags, tracked several contractions, and then left around 10 pm knowing my mom would arrive at the house to be with Lee shortly. We parked at the hospital, power-walked to the entrance, and rode the elevator to the second floor. "If