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Catalina Highlights

1. Leaning my head over the railing of the Catalina Express to get the full force of ocean wind in my face 2. Phil's birthday allowing us to travel two for the price of one 3. A versatile beach hat 4. Seeing Spiderman Homecoming (which was quite good) in the Wrigley Casino theater where an organ was played prior to the movie's showing 5. Kayaking in the sapphire blue ocean and seeing marigold Garibaldis and needle-like silver fish 6. The clattering sound of the rocks being dragged out to sea by the waves 7. Dolphins' white spotted underbellies seen beneath the water seconds before they crested and jumped, playing in the Catalina Express' wake 8. Complimentary breakfast item and drink 9. Slipping into the background of a food network shot as we took our seats at the Bluewater Restaurant. Supposedly, the series comes out in six months. 10. A chilly swim in the pacific to a floating dock where we dove and jumped in the salty water 11. Shaved lemo

Ten Years Like This

Ten years is not so long. Ten is small in comparison to the couple next to us on Star Tours at Disneyland. They were celebrating fifty years of marriage. And the couple getting onto Big Thunder Mountain with their teenagers were celebrating twenty-five years of marriage. That's what their Happily Ever After pins read. No, ten is not so much. But it is something. And as I write at ten, I feel proud. And triumphant. Ten! And there is love left for romance and surprises and peace and respect. Ten and no malice has taken root. Ten and hope is not crushed. Ten and he still tries to call me every day at lunch to hear how my day is going. Ten and I still like him. We have made it this far and it seems remarkable because I’ve seen wives with fewer years than ten who no longer see their husband as desirous and extraordinary but as an idiotic child or a clumsy extra appendage or a prison cell. I sorrow for them. But I do not wonder how it happened. I've slipped and slid a