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Laughter in the House

The children’s friendship has found new spaces to grow as speech and cooperation, sympathy and understanding increase. How sweet it is to watch them laugh together! They giggle at the repetition of the ridiculous: a non-sense phrase, pretend falls, supposed-physical feats, spinning around, and non-conventional eating. Their complimentary personalities make play pleasant. Lee wants to build forts and fight bad guys. Rose wants to read books in the forts, talk on a wooden block cellphone, and take care of the crying babies.  Lee makes Rose a Tinkertoy shooter gun, and they run about the house spitting out sound affects as they wield their weapons. When Rose gets hurt, as is often the case when little people don’t look where they’re going or take care where they’re putting their fingers, Lee brings Rose her comfort blanket. Outside, Lee will pick her soft baby fennel to eat from the garden.  When Rose announces that she has to go potty, Lee tells her where to do it.  He helps