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Library Finds: Great Books for Children

I believe it's time for another listing of Library Finds. Some of my books included some historical fiction relating to the American Revolutionary War. I was doing some research earlier in the year and found a handful to well done children's books. Again, my rating criteria is based on  illustrations, parental appeal, storyline, and whether or not my children requested them again and again. Colonial Voices, Hear them Speak by Kay  Winter. This children's story was not for a 2 or 4 year old. Probably 6 or older. Excellent retelling of the Boston Tea Party from the perspective of a paper boy who's delivering newspapers to different people in town. The delivery boy then hears the opinions of everyone in town. Great illustrations. (Book Rating: 9) Circus Ship by   Chris   Van Dusen.  Clever rhyming story about a circus ship that sinks off the coast of Maine and all the circus animals come live on the island. Based on some real life events, which is alwa