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"7 In a Boat"

PART 1: The Upper Room at Nightfall INTRO/ED: The following events happened, and while we have no way of knowing whether or not they happened in this way, human nature hasn’t change in 2000 years, and so… they might have happened like this. (PETER, JAMES, and JOHN are waiting to meet with the disciples. PETER is rapidly pacing the length of the room, looking out the window, looking at his watch, impatiently. JOHN is staring whimsically at nothing with a pad of paper and a pencil in his hands. JAMES is fixing a fishing net.) PETER: I said just before dusk, didn’t I? Then how come no one’s here yet? Last time I checked, dusk was right after the sun set, not when it’s pitch dark. JAMES: (Not phased) They’ll get here. PETER: Oh yes. Andrew will be on time. I’m surprised he isn’t here already. (Looks around) Nate will be on time and Philip too; he’s a fast walker, but the others don’t understand time. They think dusk is midnight. This isn’t Egyptian time; this isn’t even Roman tim