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Jacob and Me

Jacob and I were beyond hopscotch, hide-and-seek, rubber-band gun wars, and Tiddly Winks. At ages 9 and 7 we knew that the best games were the ones we invented, and that was how Computer Battles evolved: a game of plotting and clever talk. In the protection of our separate rooms, which doubled as bases, we made plans to destroy each other with the help of our imaginary multi-functional computers. The action proceeded as follows. Jacob: “My computer made some bombs, and I’m hiding them outside your base."            Me: “Then my computer built a video camera that sees you."            Jacob: “But I saw you, so now I’m going to blast your cameras.”             Me: “Well, my cameras have shields around them.”             Jacob: “But my gun has special blasters that can destroy your shields.”            Me: “But my shields are rubber so your blasters bounce off them.”           Jacob:  “Your computer can’t build that kind of shield; you have to go to the store to