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Dear Lee, Gee, You're Like Me.

Dear Lee, Today was your birthday.  You helped me bake your cake this morning. I’ve never made a birthday cake. Neither had you. You held the electric mixer while I poured the dry ingredients into the wet.  While the cake cooled, we walked to Winchell’s and ate three donut holes that you bought with a quarter from your bank. Then we strollered over to the Farmer’s market for blueberries and apples that were oh so sweet.  Two Hispanic instrumentalists played “Happy Birthday” for you on their harp and guitar. But you hid behind the stroller. That’s okay. I didn’t like them either. The fish man gave you a bag of clean ice to crunch. And we stopped by the park on the way home to see your friends, Harman and Charlie. You were quick to borrow Harman’s airplane walker and use it to mow the grass while I visited with my friends Alice Gross and Filester.  You are very good at mowing. At home you use the water shut-off bar to weed-whack. Then you