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Lost in the Games

We were eighteen then, Sixteen, twelve, or eight, Standing on the threshold of life. Our years had yet to take root. We had yet to love life and the world and our families, And we gave it all up for the fight, Against Nazis, communists, aliens, the Dark Side. We became the first person shooter, the RPG, the gods.  And lost in the games, the years burned to ashes. Cut off from activity, from striving, from progress,  We believe in those things no longer.  Only the games, we believe in the games.  We agree it is the same for everyone who is our age. It is the common fate of our generation. The computers have ruined us for everything. They swept us away before puberty. The adventures, the danger, the romance. And now we love them more than life. We exist here but we do not live here. There is a distance, a veil between us and this world For we have become a wasteland, Cripples, without muscle

An Apology of Pain

The problem with pain is that it has so many causes. Some pains are caused by inconveniences, accidents, tendernesses, discomforts, and bodily aches. Many pains are specific to each person. The scent of lemon verbena may remind one person of their recently deceased friend and thus cause them to weep, while for another, the scent may cause only pleasure.  Pain is further complicated by the strength of each physical body. A little boy may cry when a bandaid is ripped from his leg; a man may only wince. The same sort of strength, I believe, is true of the heart. The difficulties of moving house will be much more felt by the person who has never moved than for the one who has moved all throughout childhood and into adulthood. And to add to the complexity of pain are our unique personalities. Our differences of temperament cause one person to gather up the worlds’ pain in their arms and sorrow over it hourly where another is hardly affected by the daily news. To simplify, let’s div

Women's Bible Study

When I first started women’s bible study in September 2015, I hated it. My heart was in discord with the wizened smiling faces, the pleasantries, the organized program, the style of lecture, the small group discussions, and the questions on the homework that felt a little too much like my high school bible class homework.  I was coming to bible study hoping to be met on my own terms, like a millennial, and WOW began with a generation very different than mine. That generation, the one that became known as the Greatest Generation, speaks another language. They are a generation of manners and class and duty and privacy.  Mine is a generation that makes songs about our feelings, delving deep into our emotions, inventing new word pictures to describe and discuss our thoughts. I am of a generation that has become its own paparazzi, airing its victories and complaints. We are a generation that does relationships differently, without pleasantries, without rules, without customs, and o