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Library Finds: Great Books for Children

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs  by Judi Barrett. A book for children 5 and up with oodles of creativity. The story is of a grandfather who tells his grandchildren a tall tell about a town where it rains food. I don't understand why authors tell stories about people telling stories. I think the middle man should be eliminated. (Book Rating: 8) Mustache  by Mac Barnett. An excellent book for an only child or any child with narcissistic tendencies, which I suppose might be anyone. The story is about a very bad king who is very handsome. I chuckled to myself throughout the first reading, and continued to chuckle as Philip read the book to the children again and again. He does great voices. (Book Rating: 9) The Eleventh Hour  by Graeme Base. As always, this author's illustrations are phenomenal: full of detail and hidden pictures. This book is a bit tough for a 5-year-old. Probably perfect for a 7-year-old. A mystery book with clues and extra items to find in the pictures.

What Can Happen When We Forget

If I don’t secure my position before sleeping, by dawn my wounds will continue their seeping.       Then if I shout not for the doctor, I’ll suppose In my weakness that my friends have turned into foes. I’ll make the stars of greatness my competition for beside their glow my value feels threatened. Their authority endangers my elusive control, and their rightness points at my soot-black soul. So, to attest my worth that vanished overnight,   I’ll make their art and religion a slight. I’ll belittle their efforts to stand on their backs.   I’ll spotlight their flaws to hide my ill acts. “How does she manage to get so fat?” “She must be attention-starved to talk like that.” “I’ll submit not to him nor enlarge his huge head.” “Their brand of Christianity what good can be said?” Thus my critiques become self-built certainty that because I’m not like them, I must surely be a person of superiority and surpassing worth   deserving honor an