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La Quinta with an Infant and Toddler

Just returned from a weekend in La Quinta where we stayed at the White's vacation home located in the La Quinta Cove. Temperatures were in the 100's, confining us to the pool or the air conditioned house, but I was prepared. Our first vacation with Rose went as smoothly as the date shakes at Shields. Here's what made this vacation with a 2 year old and a 5 month old work: the preparation and the prayer. First, two weeks prior, I began collection supplies to create a busy box for Lee. I looked on pintrest for ideas that used everyday household items. The busy box contained ribbons, balls, balloons, cotton balls, the top half of an empty vinegar bottle, an empty coco box with a hole cut in the top, clothespins, knickknacks, straws, a plastic cup, wire basket, and an asian take out box. These were his inside toys. For outside I packed a bucket, sponge, toy boat, and paintbrush. I took a trip to the library for a bag of new books for the car. We also had three rather anno

Highlights of the Week

Phil built a Teepee out of his bamboo poles, and then played games beneath it with some friends. I was testing out the different modes of my camera here. Lee drew a picture of Rose, which I think accurately captures her sweet but sometimes hostile moods. We started potty training once again, which involves a potty chair corral, a new dimension to the chore chart, marshmallows, and a pile of cleaning supplies. And Lee learned to run around the house showing his belly. Yes, that sums up the week.

The Father of My Children

Wednesday nights were date night with Daddy. (That is until schedules changed and Wednesdays were replaced by Fridays.) Each week one of us four kids had a night with Daddy where we could do whatever we wished, within reason of course. As we grew older, Wednesdays involved more costly activities like going to Knotts Berry Farm or Speed Zone. But early on, Wednesdays were simple: roasting marshmallows over a fire in the backyard, rounding up the other siblings to play ball tag or have a pillow fight, getting frozen yogurt at the Twin Palms Plaza, going to the park, purchasing a new item from Motts Miniatures for my dollhouse, seeing Harriet The Spy, rock climbing, eating at My Thai, going to the pet store to purchase new apparatus for my hamster, or taking an overnight camping trip out to the desert. These nights were special because my dad made us feel special. I could do whatever I wanted. We didn’t have to worry about so and so not liking it or not wanting to go. These dat