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Elbows in the Air

I catch snippets of Lee’s pre-school experiences throughout the day. He tells me a fact or two as we eat breakfast or at bedtime. But if I ask him what he did at school or what the names of his friends are, he doesn’t respond. Such questions don’t cause brain waves. They cause blank stares. As we sat in front of our home, he starred thoughtfully across the street at the painted black numbers of a neighbor’s address on the curb. “What is that Mommy? What are those saying?”  I explained the meaning of an address and point to our own address numbers nailed vertically to our door frame. He looks up at them above his head. “That one there looks like “L” he says as he points to the number 7. Today he asked, “What starts with the letter ‘Q’?” and “What does puh, puh, puh sound like?” Twice I’ve heard him say, “L-E-E,” and once I saw him triumphantly show me how he held his crayon correctly. And all that from just four days of school. Actually, he is rather far behind the other ch