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Who's Opinion?

I've never had so many people have an opinion about my life. People were quietly interested when I was attending Biola, when I got my pilot's license, and when I was reading Plato. But now that I've entered a part of life that they're familiar with, they must have their say. "Black dresses won't go with Kakhi suits." "You look pasty with foundation on." "When you want your husband to think you've been busy making dinner, sauté onions." "I read this book before my honeymoon and it made sex much better." "It's going to be too hot." "You have to invite her to the wedding. She'll be so offended if you don't." "Those vows exclude gender roles." "People aren't going to want to donate towards missions. They want to give you a gift." I've never considered myself someone who was ruled by other's opinions, but perhaps, just this once, I want to leave all th