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Monterey 2016

Monterey 2016 with both children was a smashing success. Both children traveled well, ate quietly in restaurants without our undivided attention, and adapted to new placed with appropriate timidity and excitement.  Padaro Beach Grill outside Carpenteria: hamburgers, fish and chips, and some digging in the sand, chasing birds, and one unexpected train horn that brought a frightened Rose to tears. Cambria Pines Lodge and Moonstone Beach: a small hut made of driftwood that Rose particularly liked. She gathered smooth weather-worn twigs to light her own cooking fire within and make soup for the family. I wish I could say the excitement put the children to bed early, but they were awake until Phil and I went to bed. I suppose their shared bed was too interesting for sleep. Plus, Rose slipped off our ice chest and hit her chin on the tile sink while brushing her teeth. She bit her tongue through on one side and merely punctured it on the other. We held her over the sink un

What They Say

Lee: This is where your boat goes, right? What else? We need a stuffed animal or two pillows? Look there’s two pillows over there. You gonna grab one? This is where we sit and watch the baby sleep. I sit here. I’m the guard. And this is where you sleep. You’re the guard? You picked your favorite book out? You’re taller than me? Rosie, look it. I’m taller than you. You have to put your knees like me. Crash. I almost hit your baby. Rose: Be careful don’t hit my baby. L: I’m going to get my stuffed animal and a lot, a lot of blankets. Hey Rosie, I got some blankets. Wheeooo. Wheeooo. There. Bebe. The baby is awake, but don’t wake her up because she is scared of the sharks. Please hold the baby, Rose. She’s afraid of the sharks. R: This is our baby. L: Nobody else can hold the baby or they chop their heads off. If someone chops this baby off, we’ll throw a rocket on them and get hurt and bam right in the nose. Owww, that gonna hurt. R: See that bug bite? L: I’m

The Unselfish Way

The thing about unselfish people is that they act without thought of self-sacrifice. They also don’t keep running accounts of what is owed to them for their performances. For example: “I always remember my siblings’ birthdays, but they rarely return the gesture and if they do, they give me something that shows their utter lack of understanding my tastes.” “There! I have removed that towering bougainvillea vine and repaired my side of the fence. The least my neighbors can do is stop their dog from barking all night.” "They'll never know how much I've forgiven them." “I'll leave that mountain of dishes and laundry incomplete so he'll know just how impossible it is do get anything done with kids.” "Actually, yes. What you did years ago hurt me a lot. I'm glad you're finally asking me for forgiveness." “I have comforted you all day. Can’t you give me one night’s sleep!?” Rather, unselfish people simply do what needs to be