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My Discipline Reminder

I am writing this down so I can refer to it in the future. This is not a how-to on parenting nor a model for everyone. I'm merely writing this because in the heat of the moment, I forget what I'm supposed to be doing as a parent and, hopefully, this will remind me. Step One: name the undesirable or naughty behavior. - My fourteen-month-old keeps spilling his bottle on the floor when he's done. - My seven-year-old talks back to me. - My five-year-old says yes, she'll do what I ask, and then she forgets. - Children are fighting on the way home from school. Step Two: identify the desired behavior. (Be sure expectations are age appropriate.) - I want my baby to put his bottle on his tray when he's done. - I want my seven-year-old to say, "Yes, Mommy," when I give a command or "May I ask a question?" - I want my five-year-old to do what I ask right away so she doesn't forget to do it later. - I would like a peaceful ride home where e

Reality Check About How Good Things Are

This is my reality check to help me remember that I'm doing WAY better than just getting by. In this graph the very bottom is death, like you're in the grave. The very top is you're thriving, like things couldn't be better. The middle of the graph is obviously just getting by. I'm sure some graphic artist (ahem, Brittany Douglas) could make this look fabulous, but here's what I got. Line B is like: there's riots in my city and we had to board up the windows and my husband can't drive to work because of the fuel restrictions and the water pipes broke from the aerial hate-bombs. We can't get to the store because of the shootings and my son has whooping cough and I contracted leprosy and we can't sleep at night because of the helicopters and the pollution is getting into the windows and the electricity just went out and all our bedding has bedbugs and the roaches crawl over our faces at night and my right hand fell off and a bomb dropped on our