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The Pros of Being Pregnant

1. Elderly ladies smile sweetly at me. 2. Strangers know exactly how to start up a conversation. 3. I don't need to explain my frequent bathroom visits or chocolate binging. 4. People understand my need to sit down. 5. I can quietly observe the children rough housing without joining in. 6. Friends and family always ask how I'm feeling. 7. Doctors ask me all sorts of caring questions and want to see me often and measure me. 8. I can eat normal-sized meals without feeling full and still have room for dessert. 9. I don't worry about bloated days. 10. I have a whole new set of clothes given to me by friends and family. 11. Being cute means being huge. 12. My children talk to my tummy. 13. Sitting around and putting my feet up is considered taking care of myself. 14. I'm seized by the urge to get rid of excess stuff. 15. Friends offer me their extra baby equipment. 16. The children offer me their name suggestions: Lee-Lee and Duegoo and Shnee 17. People hold

Why Church Was Not For Me

I used to rate church on Sundays based on several things. 1) Did I feel drawn closer to God through a particular song in the worship service? 2) Did something the pastor say stir me to action or conviction or repentance or enlightenment? 3) Did anyone take particular notice of me by asking me questions or complimenting me or showing interest in what I had to say? 4) Did I shed light on any group discussions by pointing out something that everyone else had failed to see? 5) Did I supply someone with some help? 6) Did I steer all small talk towards deeper, more soul-altering conversations? If I was able to answer two or more of these questions in the affirmative, I usually thought the Sunday was relatively successful. But if no one took any interest in me, and I made a fool of myself in a group discussion, if my mind wandered in the sermon and I found all the songs more annoying than worshipful, then I went home brooding and full of angst. The pastor should have used more exam

Character Study: Ashley Emerson

(1) Mantra:  “I make music, fiction, and lots of mistakes.” HER STYLE Trusted Carryall:  A drawstring bag where she keeps all her essentials so switching purses is easy  (1)     (2) Purse of Choice: Brown Tote by Constanza Rota (2) Signature Scent:  Replica, Jazz Club by Maison Margiela. (Shhh . . . it's actually a male scent.) (3) Everyday Shoe:  Mark Fisher Limited brown s uede boots (3)   Every Home Should Have: " A teapot, any teapot will do." Oldest Possession: Play jewelry and scans of fashion drawings from her great aunt Collectibles: When she was young, she used to collect sand dollars and junior ranger stamps on camping trips. FAVORITE THINGS (4) Favorite App:  Audible (4): a free audiobook app. She pays a monthly subscription to get books as well as audiobooks. Favorite Flower: " Gluten free . . . just kidding . . . succulents." (5) Repeated Read:  Journey of Souls  (5) by C.D.